New updates and improvements to Element Pack

  1. Version 6.1.0 Released

    New Feature


    • Easy Digital Download (EED Product) Widget Added
    • Easy Digital Download (EED Product Carousel) Widget Added
    • Easy Digital Download (EED Category Grid) Widget Added
    • Easy Digital Download (EED Category Carousel) Widget Added
    • Easy Digital Download (EED Tabs) Widget Added
    • Multi columns option added in Faq Widget


    • RTL issue fixed in Horizontal Scroller Widget (Thanks to Yosef)
    • Icon color issue fixed in Lottie icon box and search widget
  2. Added

    • Column and icon align option added in Faq Widget
    • Right-Click Context Menu logged in user option added
    • External URL, Confetti Connect Features added in Notification widget


    • Position RTL issue fixed
    • Right-Click Context Menu issue fixed
    • Fatal error fixed in Crypto Currency Card Widget
    • Icon color issue fixed in Lottie image, SVG image, step flow widgets
  3. Added

    • Age Invalid Message Field added in Age Gate Widget
    • API v2 support added in Twitter grid, Slider and Carousel Widget (Thanks to Karan Shah)
    • Dismissible Button added in Allow Tracker Notice


    • Icon Size not working issue fixed in Weather Widget
    • Icon Spacing issue fixed in Dropbar Widget
    • Link Target issue fixed in Static Grid Tab Widget (Thanks to Boy Laban)
    • DataTables UIKIT RTL CSS file missing issue fixed in Table widget (Thanks to Tfourc)
    • Link Image to Post option issue fixed in Instagram Widget (Thanks to Stefan Zahnd)
    • Multi element issue fixed in Notation Widget (Thanks to Sean Vosler)
    • Icon issue fixed in Accordion Widget (Thanks to Adam Doll)
    • Thumbnav Offset issue fixed in Slideshow Widget (Thanks to Peter Sheppard)
    • Icon color issue fixed in Circle Info Widget
    • Skin Partait issue fixed in Member Widget (Thanks to ali ali)
  4. Fixed

    • Query Offset issue fixed in WC Products Widget


    • Animation viewport position updated in Animated Heading Widget (Thanks to Marc Eggleton)
  5. Added

    Header Column width option added in static type Table Widget


    WC Mini Cart style issue fixed

    Kenburn Animation issue fixed in Slider Widget

    Skin Oliver issue is fixed in Timeline Widget (Thanks to Alex Preyer)

  6. Fixed

    • Element Pack Lite and Pro Admin Conflict Issue fixed
    • Faq widget query building issue fixed
  7. Added

    • Marker hover controls and item multiple controls option added in Marker Widget
    • CSS Filter and border option added in Open Street Map Widget
    • Button size option added in creative button Surtur style


    • Live copy paste issue fixed for the elementor new container
    • Offset issue fixed in Query Builder
    • Query Builder Filter issue fixed in Post Gallery and Portfolio gallery Widgets
    • WPForms issue fixed (Thanks to Kai Gossens and BjΓΈrn-Magnus Syversen)
    • Global Lightbox and Tooltip Styling part missing issue fixed (Thanks to David Stauble)
    • Minor issue fixed in Notation Extensions (Thanks Oliver Heuft)
    • Array offset error fixed in Honeycombs Widget
  8. Fixed

    • Templates are not importing issue fixed in Template Library (Thanks to Nancy Loef)
    • Elementor Deprecated issue fixed
    • Column name index not defined issue fixed
    • Skin name duplicate issue fixed
    • Follow me issue fixed in Instagram Widget
    • CSS/JS File not found issue fixed in Tutor LMS grid and Carousel Widgets
    • Parallax Effects opacity custom option added
  9. Added

    • X, Y parallax custom value option added in Parallax Effects Extension


    • Arrows position issue fixed in Slideshow Widget
    • RTL issue fixed for cursor effects extension (Thanks to maxwebone)
  10. Fixed

    • Column issue fixed in WC Product Widget
    • Product loop fatal error fixed in WC Product Table Skin widget
    • Arrows position issue fixed in Slideshow Widget
    • Global Typography issue fixed (Thanks to Caleb Weeks)
    • Global Link underline issue fixed (Thanks to Gabriel Sirbu)