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Version 6.15.5 Released



  • Add support for YouTube Shorts URLs in Lightbox component
  • Add Dropnav component
  • Add parent icon to Drop component
  • Add WAI-ARIA roles, states and properties to interactive JavaScript components
  • Add WAI-ARIA keyboard interaction pattern to interactive JavaScript components
  • Add language internationalization (i18n) for interactive JavaScript components



  • Fix Scrollspy Nav component updates state once shown
  • Fix Slider/Slideshow component autoplay in Firefox
  • Fix pause-on-hover option in Slider/Slideshow component
  • Fix Slideshow initially shows last slide first
  • Fix Slider reactivity when a slide is hidden/shown
  • Fix prevent background scrolling in Safari
  • Fix opened Drop component prevents smooth scrolling of document on iOS
  • Fix focusable elements within none visible slides are no longer focusable in Slider component
  • Fix Dropbar partially closing before opening when switching between Navbar items
  • Fix Parallax component updating too late during slide animation in Filter component
  • Readmore issue fixed in interactive card widget