New updates and improvements to Element Pack

Version 6.6.0 Released

New Feature


  •  Mega Menu Feature + Mega Menu widget added
  •  Sub Menu widget added
  • Container Support added in Extensions
  • Image Size option added in Post Slider widget
  • Tooltip Text dynamic option added in Circle Menu widget (Thanks to Abdoul Ouedraogo)
  • Alignment, Subtitle spacing, and original price offset option added in Price Table widget
  • Table header, body radius option added in Table widget
  • Drop bar stretch, animation out, animation, boundary, target, and alignment options added in the Drop bar widget
  • Columns, columns gap, match the height, google icon option added in Google Reviews widget
  • Image Size option added in Logo Grid, Carousel widget
  • Alignment responsive option added in Flip Box widget
  • Image style controls added in the Testimonial Slider widget
  • Text Hide on responsive option added in Hover Box, Image Expand widgets
  • Close button text & align, button vertical & rotate, icon position top & bottom option added in Offcanvas widget
  • Products in Cart, Categories in Cart, Cart Item Number, Cart Subtotal Price conditions added in Visibility Controls Extension
  • Divider option added in Image Accordion widget vertical skin (Thanks to Stefan)
  • Skin style horizontal & vertical responsive option added in Image Accordion & Image Expand widgets (Thanks to Stefan)
  • Navbar Style 4 animation option added in Navbar & Scroll Navigation widgets



  • Hidden issue fixed in Advanced Google Maps widget (Thanks to EG)
  • Editor Save conflict issue fixed in Visibility Control extension (Thanks to Gabriel Sirbu)
  • The strip issue was fixed in the QR Code widget (Thanks to Jason D Corbett)
  • Read more icon position not working issue fixed in the Post Block skin Genesis widget
  • Scroll animation issue fixed in Timeline widget
  • Portfolio carousel style not working issue fixed (Thanks to Chris)
  • Category Filter issue fixed in Events Calendar widget (Thanks to Lubna Shaikh)
  • Position issue fixed in Marker widget (Thanks to Gabriel Sirbu)
  • Filter issue fixed on (Post Gallery, Portfolio Gallery, FAQ, Testimonial Grid)
  • Prefix and Suffix issue fixed in Chart Widget (Alex Szram)

Add Mega Menu Widget

If 100 Users tell us to add it so we will add it in our addon. Because most themes have mega menu features so if I added this in our addon so it could be redundant. So we plan if 100 users tell us for it so we can add it.

Selim Rana



Image Accordion - Option to set skin type for different screen sizes (tablet, mobile, desktop)

Hi It would be great if there's an option to set the skin type (vertical, default) for different screen sizes (mobile, tablet, desktop). Thank you and best regards.




Add compatibility flexbox coteiner

Add compatibility to your plugin's new elementor feature with a flexbox container that will replace elementor's row and row containers in the future.




Image Accordion - Missing divider settings in vertical mode

Hi In vertical mode, the Image Accordion widget is missing the settings for the divider. Here's a video for illustration: Thank you for adding this in the near future. Best regards