New updates and improvements to Element Pack

Version 7.5.0 Released

New Feature


  • Stacker widget added
  • Reading timer widget added
  • Required feature & Textarea added in Webhook form widget
  • Item row gap & auto hiding menu shadow option added in navbar widget
  • Open Offcanvas on Cart Update added in WC Mini Cart widget
  • Sub Heading icon & advanced style option added in advanced heading widget
  • Image advanced size & inline option added in review card, review card grid & review card carousel widgets
  • Excerpt Ellipsis added in Google Review widget (Thanks to George)



  • Hash Location issue fixed in Post Gallery widget
  • Style control issue fixed in forminator form widget
  • Button Small, Large, full-width issue fix Webhook Form widget
  • Cursoe pushes to 3rd line when animated text wraps issue fixed in Animated Heading widget (Thanks to Caleb Weeks)
  • License auto de-activate issue fix for AWS hosting (Thanks to kerryang)



  • Advanced Image Gallery improved (Thanks to Suzanne van Breda)
  • Circle Menu widget improved
  • Admin Widget Analytics Notice improved
  • Admin System memory lagging improved